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ACF Australian National Champion, Gold Double Grand Champion Sheoak Rozette Delizy

**GCCFSA's Reserve Best Bengal Entire (Best Female) of the Year 2014**

**FASA's Fourth Best Bengal Entire (Best Female) of the Year 2014** 
FASA's Reserve Best Bengal Kitten of the Year 2012

GCCFSA's Reserve Best Bengal Entire of the Year 2012
FASA's Third Best Bengal Entire of the Year 2012

Sire: CH Bandit Graffiti's Aura

Dam: Sheoak Irish Light (HCM Neg May 2012)

DOB: 10th September, 2011



HCM result: Negative October, 2012 & November, 2013

PK-Deficiency result: Negative
PRA-b result: Negative

PRA CEP-290 result: Negative

Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, BB, cb/cs, DD

FIV/FeLV result: Negative


My stunning Seal Mink Rosetted girl, Rosé. I just don't know where to start. Her personality is amazing, very purry and affectionate. She has a lovely pattern, her body is long and muscular with a lovely balancing tail and a small head, finished off perfectly with those small ears and stunning aqua eyes!


Rosé has exceeded our expectations as a show cat.

She started her career in 2012, placing in Breed and Group in both the Kitten and Entire classes. She ended the year as FASA's Reserve Best Bengal Kitten and Third Best Bengal Entire, as well as GCCFSA's Reserve Best Bengal Entire.


In 2013 she took some time off to become a mother, and had two amazing litters for us. Three of those kittens are now titled Champions. In 2014 she had another litter which produced more amazing kittens.


She came back to the show bench in 2014 and gained her Australian National Champion Title. To do this, she had to do well at two National Cat Shows, one in Melbourne in 2012 and the other in 2013 in our home town of Adelaide. She placed in Breed and Group in 2012 and in Breed again in 2013. From there, she had to do well under International and Overseas Judges. She is also currently a Gold Double Grand Champion. This will be her last year of showing, but has already proven to be her most successful yet! She has placed in Breed and Group at almost every show, including multiple Best of Group wins. At the GCCFSA Golden Awards Show, she was awarded Best Bengal Entire, Bengal Group 3 Entire and Supreme Exhibit in Show! What an achievement!


Thank you Elaine of Sheoak Bengals for this amazing girl. She is the purrfect foundation queen for our program.


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