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Grand Champion RainForest Taro Hunter (IMP US)

Sire: RainForest Kimosabe (HCM Neg Oct 2013 at 3 1/2 years)

Dam: RainForest Metamorphosis (HCM Neg Dec 2012 at 5 1/2 years)
ALC Taro F5, ALC Rajah Singh F7

DOB: 19th August, 2012



HCM result: Negative November, 2013

PK-Deficiency result: Negative
PRA-b result: Negative
PRA CEP-290 result: Negative

 Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, BB, cb/cs, DD

FIV/FeLV result: Negative


I don't even know what to say about this boy, I really think the photos speak for themselves. Hunter is an amazing boy, the  first RainForest cat to come to Australia thanks  to his  to his breeder Jaen Treesinger of RainForest Bengals. Jaen has been breeding since 1993 and her cats have always been admired for that wild look that we are all trying to achieve. I am still in shock that I have been fortunate enough to be trusted with one of her babies. 


As soon as I saw this boy I knew he was "the one". His head is simply jaw dropping, beautiful profile, strong chin, tiny ears and his eye shape and set is just purrfect! He is a huge boy, he has great boning, very strong, substantial body, stunning thick tail to balance and just look at his neck, wow! His pattern is gorgeous too, lovely flow and contrast for a Mink. We are just over the moon with him and can't believe he is ours!


And to top it all off, Hunter is an F5 - only Five generations away from his Asian Leopard Cat ancestor. He is the earliest generation able to come to Australia and doesn't it show! Although he is so wild in appearance, thanks to the hard work of his breeder Jaen, he also has a very loving, trusting temperament. 


Hunter's Pedigree can be found on Bengal Pedigrees, or below

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Rainforest Rimu
Rainforest Taro Arcana Silvergene Black Onyx Of Rainforest
Kingsmark Struck Gold Of Rainforest
Rainforest Rimu Akara Rainforest Molokai Silvergene Black Onyx Of Rainforest
Rainforest Rimu
Rainforest Rimulet CH Kattitude Ghandi
Rainforest Rimu
RainForest Metamorphosis Rainforest Sirius Black Silvergene Black Onyx Of Rainforest SGC Dreamland Revalation Of Marblerose
Silvergene Ambassador Delnn
Rainforest Kabuki CH Kattitude Ghandi
Rainforest Rimu
Awagati ALC Trance Junglebook Margay Fantasy Singher Junglebook Margay Illustrated
Junglebook ALC Fantasy
Awagati AmericaTheBeautiful Junglebook Made In The USA
Bundas Shakti Of Awagati
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