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Iceni Phoenix Rising

Sire: Bundu Casanova (HCM Neg May 2015)

Dam: Iceni Venus Victrix (HCM Neg May 2015)

ALC Zarboo F10

DOB: 12th February, 2015

HCM result: Will be screened prior to breeding

PK-Deficiency result: Negative

PRA CEP-290 result: TBA

Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, B/B, C/cs, D/d

FIV/FeLV result: TBA

It was time we started looking for a good outcross for our girls, as they are almost all from either Rosé or Hunter. We fell in love with both of Phoenix's parents and knew he would be a stunner just like them. He came from a strong litter of 5 kittens, all with amazing patterns and type, it wasn't an easy decision to choose between them! He's growing into a stud cat. We thank Katrina of Iceni Bengals for this wonderful addition.


He is the first Brown introduced back into our program in a few years. He carries Lynx from his dad, and will be producing Brown, Lynx and Mink kittens for us when paired to our snow girls. He brings with him a wonderful pedigree with many highly patterned, contrasted cats and we hope that combined with our girls will give us that step closer to our "ideal Bengal".

Phoenix started his working career very early, with his first litter born to BDGCH Adabel Caleyi just after his first birthday!


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