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GCH Funkydots Azriel

Sire: Bahiya Iskandariah (HCM Neg 2012)

Dam: Queenanne Surakarta (F5)

DOB: 27th September, 2012


HCM result: Negative November, 2013

PK-Deficiency result: Negative by parentage

Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, BB, cs/cs, DD


Azriel is a gorgeous Seal Lynx Point girl and brought us not only colour, but also type. I absolutely love her head, strong chin, straight profile leading into a very round head. Her ear placement is great as is her neck and body length. She gained her Champion Title at only 10 months of age. She had one litter of kittens and gave us our special boy Adabel Orion. Azriel is now retired living in the most amazing pet home.



Azriel's Pedigree

CH Funkydots Azriel Bahiya Iskandariah RW SGC Medoz Mosaic Of Bluewater IW SGC Goldspurr Magnum Force CH Goldspurr Odysee
Goldspurr Patticake
Medoz Fauna Sutera Labu
Exoticpaws Miranda
Fianna Quite The Catch Zendada Sun Catcher Zendada Sun Dog
Goldcharm Lucia
Bengaland Spirit Chaser IW SGC PSBengals Strike Force
RW SGC Bengaland Pegs Kaleidoscope
Queenanne Surakarta GRC Calcatta Supernatural RW SGC Calcatta's Custom Made Silvergene\'s Speldor Of Starbengal
Calcatta Katanga
Stongehenge Superstition Of Calcatta Stonehenge Ja Rule Of Nitewindes
Abundadots Printzsis
Grandeur Sosweet Eraser Matrix Reloaded Wildsafari Avalanche
Aluren String Of Pearls
Adtesh Nanknickers Indykayz Houdini
Buckholt Gracie Lolleport
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