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Bronze Double Grand Champion Adabel Orion

**GCCFSA's Reserve Best Bengal Entire of the Year 2015**
**FASA's Reserve Best Bengal Entire of the Year 2015**

**FASA Top 10 in Group 2015**

Sire: DGCH RainForest Taro Hunter (HCM Neg Nov 2013)

Dam: GCH Funkydots Azriel (HCM Neg Nov 2013)

ALC Taro F6, ALC Tariq F7

DOB: 13th January, 2014

HCM result: Negative November, 2014

PK-Deficiency result: Negative by parentage

PRA CEP-290 result: Negative by parentage

Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, BB, cs/cs, DD by parentage

FIV/FeLV result: Negative

Orion is our first keeper stud. He brings a unique line, through his mum's side of the pedigree, to our program. He is a big boy already, heavily boned with great proportions. He has his dads thick tail which balances the body well. His head type is lovely, straight profile with those amazing whisker pads we just adore. We are looking forward to seeing what he produces in the years to come.


 Ryan has matured so nicely over the last 12 months. He is a big, substantial boy. He has an amazing temperament and has been to almost every FASA Show this year, as well as some GCCFSA shows and the ACF National Cat Show in Perth, WA. He has handled exceptionally well, always confident, purry and calm. He has had a fantastic year show wise. He had multiple Best of Breed awards, Group Awards, a FCCC Best Entire Members Exhibit award.


He produced a stunning litter with Misty which produced a litter of 6, including Adabel Rosa Eleanor who will continue in our program.




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