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GCH Adabel Wurthy Illusionist

Sire: Aridlands Sharabah (HCM Neg 2016)

Dam: DGCH Adabel Caleyi (HCM Neg Nov 2014)

ALC Taro F7, ALC Kabuki F7

DOB: 3rd March, 2015

HCM result: Will be screened prior to breeding

PK-Deficiency result: N/N by parentage

PRA CEP-290 result: TBA

Coat colour result: Afc/Afc, BB, cb/cs, DD by parentage

FIV/FeLV result: TBA

We have been looking for a good outcross line for our program for a long time. When Louis's father became available, we knew we would have something special. Aridlands Sharabah has an amazing pedigree, including some very influential cats, including OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawaite and DGC Nola Voodoo Magic.


His pedigree blended exceptionally well with our dear BDGCH Adabel Caleyi, and we had a stunning litter of babies. We kept Louis due to his wild look, big eyes and tiny ears. He is still a youngster, but is showing great promise.


His adult show career has started off well, with several Breed and Group Placings. We are excited to see how he goes as he develops.

Adabel Wurthy Illusionist Aridlands Sharabah Junglejem Wurthabob OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawaite Stonehenge Ja Rule
Jumanji Exzotica
RW SGC Saris Tasha Gogees Kajika
Tayabe Tashi
Aragon Polar Moon DGC Nola Voodoo Magic Nola Magic Marker
Nola Queen Tut
Aragon Lady Guinevere Tijah Knights Tale
Kaos Queen Of The Night
DGCH Adabel Caleyi GCH RainForest Taro Hunter RainForest Kimosabe RW SGC RainForest Wasabi
RainForest Rimu Akara
RainForest Metamorphosis RainForest Sirius Black
Awagati ALC Trance
ACF Aust Nat CH, GDGCH Sheoak Rozette Delizy CH Bandit Graffitis Aura Bandit Graffiti Magic
Bandit Candy Kisses
Sheoak Irish Light Wildstyle Caspian
Sheoak Solas
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