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A Little About Us....

Our journey with the Bengals started back in 2002 when we rescued a Seal Mink spotted girl called Cassie. She was a real rescue case, it took a few years to gain her trust. Once we had that, she became very affectionate, loving and a real sweetie.

Our first entire was a cute Brown girl called Cazanna. We got her in 2009 and with her we found our love for cat showing. She only attended two shows due to not enjoying showing, but we already had the bug. She was followed by a Brown stud, Ryder a few months later.

In 2010 we met our first snow girl, a Lynx called Jazzey (SilverDGCH Chantay Puttin On The Ritz). She is still with us as a loving pet. She is an absolute gem, a wonderful temperament, loving nature and a great show cat. Watching her grow up and her pattern and colour change, we were hooked. We decided from here on, snows would be our focus. While Jazzey didn't contribute to our program in the long term, she did give us three litters, including our very first all snow litter in 2011.

2012 saw us gain the foundation queen for our snow program. ACF Aust Nat CH, GDGCH Sheoak Rozette Delizy. She was everything we were looking for, a Mink so that we could produce Lynx, Mink and Sepia when paired to the right boy. A good mix of type, temperament and pattern. We have travelled to National Cat Shows and she has had a very successful show career. 

2013 we imported the next piece of the puzzle. GCH RainForest Taro Hunter came to us from the US. An outcross for our program, he oozes type and has the most amazing temperament. Having waited years for the right boy, we are so thrilled that we finally found him.

We always have personal goals, in 2011 I became a FASA Steward and was qualified in 2012. Being a steward at the cat shows gives me an insight into the judging process and have made lots of friends. I look forward to the show season, I am always learning something new. My goal is to become an All Breeds Judge, and in 2015 I have been given an amazing opportunity to become part of the FASA Trainee Judges Course. 


Photo courtesy of SomaliRita CatSnaps Photography